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We provide our clients with the very best solutions both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

My name is Richard L. Winget; I am a rockwork artisan currently working in the scenic and exhibitory business. I began this trade in 1987, a year after I graduated High School in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been sculpting many different types of mediums including cement, plaster, shotcrete, gunite, concrete and a wide variety of foams, epoxies and resins.

I have traveled as a freelance artist all over the world, from Longtaun Taipei (when it was a republic of China) to Rio de Janeiro and as far as St Thomas in the Caribbean to Oahu and Kauai Hawaii. I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the most creative minds in the industry. My travels have taken me to projects ranging from millions to billions of dollars, including world class commercial resorts, casinos, theme parks, hotels, zoos and aquariums and some of the most spectacular private custom residential works ever imagined!

Authentic Environments USA Inc became a licensed and insured company in the Summer of 1994.  Since that time I have been main lining commercial grade quality into our custom residential projects.  What this means is,  we use materials and methods that are normally reserved for Theme parks, Water parks,  Zoos, Aquariums and Museums for you, our client!

These methods of operation, while a little more expensive, ensures longevity in our projects.  Using the very best materials and having been trained in their applications allow us to exceed your expectations at every turn.  Scenic solutions are now readily available to be used to solve difficult landscape challenges.  We can solve problems that arise on the job-site with creative naturalistic approaches.

Our people are well trained in the daily operations of manufacturing rock and water features safely and efficiently.  Preventing accidents and working along side of other trades in the industry is paramount in the success of every project the team at Authentic Environments USA  Inc.  collaborates on.  We pride ourselves on finishing projects that blend seamlessly with natural landscape elements.

The building of realistic rock formations and waterfalls with beautiful natural features is an endeavor our team  has been taking on for over twenty five years. Whether you are looking for craggy sharp granite, layered sandstone, trees or any existing landform,  we have the skills to fabricate it realisticly so that it is indiscernible to the trained eye and place it where you’d like.

A variety of trees, rotten stumps, vines, lianas, timbers can all be sculptured.  We use a number of material including but not limited to  concrete, resins, urethanes and epoxies depending on the circumstances of the installation and budget.  Our artisans are trained in the use of these materials fabricating the most realistic pieces that are key to setting the scene and telling the story thru the use of visual aids.

Authentic Environments is based in Huntington Beach, California in Orange county. Our main focus is the production of projects that are unique and diverse in nature. Our projects are mostly, but not limited to swimming pools and spas, as the Rockscapes and water features we manufacture are often used to enhance these two amenities.  We work commercially too, with Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, and nature centers.   Our clients include but are not limited to general contractors, architects and designers of the strange and unusual.

Authentic Environments USA is a licensed and insured company conducting business throughout the USA.

If there is any information not shown here that you would like to know more about, please contact us.

Richard L. Winget
Owner and operator