Some of our Favorite Photos

These are photos of some of my favorite projects. I love each of these for different reasons, and I feel like they collectively give a good idea of the variety and creativity that can come through in these kinds of projects. The realism, the unique expressions, solutions to challenges, and the beauty of the finished product are all things that make realistic rockwork such an impactful medium. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Below are photos of some projects I’ve worked on for other companies. I occasionally work with other companies providing my expertise in sculpting, painting, design, and consulting. These are not my company’s projects. In most of these examples I was hired to help with the artistry and execution of the work. However, they are excellent examples of the variety of work I have experience with as an artist. If you’d like more information about any of these images, and my role in their creation, please contact me anytime.

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